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New Financial Planners in Singapore.
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If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

- Maya Angelou

Are you worried about surviving and starting out new in the financial advisory sector? >
What skills do you need to succeed as a financial planner? >
Are you confused about what your next steps are? >
Are you discouraged that a financial planner is just another ’salesman’? >
How can you increase your client base? >
When will the passive income roll in? >

Starting out in your 1styear as a financial planner:


Starting out in your 2ndyear as a financial planner:


In your 3rdyear as a financial planner:

Here is your Road Map to success when you partner with me.

MeetingAlex Wong

The Adviser to
New Financial Planners in Singapore.

What Others Say About Alex

I chose Alex Wong as my business partner and manager because he left me with a very good first impression. I felt that we had similar personalities and that I could rely on him, to be honest with me at all times. He patiently guides and supports me. He also has a good reputation in the company that allows us to get better resource and support. He is approachable, and I join the team because of Alex himself as a person. I benefit from the team because the successful agents share their knowledge and experiences with us all.

As a team, we achieve a high production together and have a long-term focus on providing quality service. Best of all we get along harmoniously together. Another
drawing factor is that Alex
is good looking.

Agency Development Manager

I had met with different financial advisors before, but with Alex, I found him to be knowledgeable and professional. He wasn’t just talking like he was making a sales pitch at me like the others. A few benefits with partnering with Alex for me was that he led by example. In his work approach he is focused on details, he always tries to move beyond his comfort zone, and he is open to new ideas. I like that Alex as my business manager is patient, open and allows team members the opportunity to explore their ideas. I am impressed that he is one of the TOP managers in AXA Singapore.

I joined Alex’s team because he is personable and there are multiple MDRT qualifiers in his team. In the team, we have weekly meetings to discuss what to do next, the latest events and regular updates. This is helpful as a financial planner as it is easy to get overloaded when you are on your own. The other team members are open to sharing and helping. There is personal growth too as it makes you do things you don't regularly do.

Alex and team are focused on long-term
goals. Alex reminds us that getting the
passive income is more important than
the initial commission.

Financial Planner

I joined Alex's team four years ago but took a break before re-joining him again. To me, Alex is knowledgeable and reliable. He knows how to 'start-up' in this career. He has good product knowledge and knows how to handle the clients' needs.

He is patient and but quick to help with problems related to financial advisory business. We are always learning and sharing as a team. The team is free to voice out their issues to each other. Our team
is dynamic!

Financial Planner

Even though Alex was assigned to me by the agency’s director, I still benefited from this decision. Alex is a detail-oriented guide, he gives me a different perspective on things and nudges me to think of Plan B for the clients. I know for sure that Alex’s advice satisfies company compliances and regulations.

Alex is reliable. He doesn’t paint you pretty pictures and gives you empty promises. He will always help you in your career. Alex has been very sincere to me and genuinely hopes that I do well in this trade. In Alex’s team, we are all encouraging of each other. The team has positive energy, and we don’t judge
each other in this team. The team
encourages independent business
ideas too.

Senior Financial Planner

Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.

– Steve Jobs

Every great move forward in your life begins with a leap of faith, a step into the unknown.

– Alex Wong

Appreciating small things is a great achievement.

– Alex Wong

Work . Fulfil . Enjoy

– Alex Wong

Calling out to all working executives out there!

Is your passion not getting you the promotion after 2 to 3 years?

Are you not well appreciated despite all the hard work and long hours you have put in?

Still in the same job or position after 3 years?

Been wanting that job satisfaction and personal breakthrough?

Why not take that leap of faith?

Change your path to become a highly successful financial planner in Singapore with Alex as your business partner to guide you.
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