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August 2019

One Thing That Can Work Wonders for Your Career, and It Costs You Nothing

Most of us view our career as a linear progression. It starts with getting a good qualification, finding a job, then working hard at it with the aim of moving up the corporate ladder. But in this day and age, with global uncertainties and economic changes looming, we may have to look at navigating our careers like playing a game of chess.

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Here’s How To Protect Your Loved Ones at Each Life Stage with Insurance

Flowers, gifts and sweet words aren’t the only ways to show your loved ones you care. As you get older and take on more responsibilities in life, showing you care starts to evolve and take on a different form. Instead of just making your loved ones feel good in the moment, you start to realise that care goes beyond the present; care extends into the future, by making sure they are adequately protected and provided for.

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5 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

We all want to be fearless public speakers. We dream of confidently striding onto the stage to give a speech or presentation, breaking the ice with the perfect joke, captivating the audience with compelling stories, handling the most difficult questions with ease, and exiting to cheers and applause.

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What are the MOM retrenchment benefits in Singapore?

In the life cycle of a typical Singapore employee, a youth spent hustling and climbing the career ladder often ends in retrenchment in middle age, and ends in driving a taxi until retirement.

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