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Jan 2019

5 steps to help you figure out your passion

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New Year Resolutions: 10 Ways to Save Money in 2019

Saving and growing your money is an ongoing process which requires planning and discipline. The closer you stick to a plan, the easier it becomes to grow your savings. Here’s a money-saving checklist to help get your New Year resolutions off to the right start. Here’s to a healthier financial “you” in 2019.

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Top 8 Steps To Deal With Your Toxic Coworker Who Is Lazy

You can view the toxic coworker in your own way. Working with a toxic coworker who doesn’t work is as distressing as you can imagine.

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Singapore Employees, Here Are The Jobs With The Highest Retrenchment Rates

Most of the time, it’s a stressful process, and it doesn’t help that many other areas of our lives depend on our employment.

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If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

-Maya Angelou

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